Bedroom Ghosts

from by Martyn Jackson



Your skin,
It seems tighter these days,
Misshapen, misplaced,
On bone,

And your eyes,
They seem tired and dry,
Laughter piercing your side,
So cold,

But still,
We can cherish the thought,
That we’ve done this before,
Once before,

Though once,
Maybe once is enough,
Let me be what I’ve done,
Let me be,

But you won’t allow me this,
No, you won’t allow it,
When I can’t stand to be beside,
Your thought pattern mimics mine,
And you tell me of things,
You never noticed before,
Like how when you wake up,
The silence, it's too loud to ignore.

The silence is too loud to ignore.

The silence.


from Bedroom Ghosts, released April 15, 2017




Martyn Jackson Bristol, UK

Bristol based Neo-Classical/Post-Rock musician.

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